Clients and projects

Our clients are predominantly Stock Exchanges, Multilateral Trading Facilities, software vendors, CSDs/Clearing Houses and brokers. 

The work that we do for brokerage houses are usually in respect of order routing to different exchanges, requirements in trading, clearing and settlement especially when trading on multiple exchange venues or cross-border.

The sort of work we can vary dramatically, but usually starts with strategic analysis as to how and whether an institution should embark on a project, incorporating a business case and cost benefit analysis.

Core to any project is a clear set of stated business requirements. Costings and timescales for that project can then (and only then) be determined.

Typically, an institution may then tender the work out to competitive software vendors. Trading Technology has a proven methodology in how to operate a competitive tender, as well as a clear methodology for evaluating vendors responses.

Once a supplier is selected, a supply contract agreement has to be formulated. Trading Technology consultants have a great deal of experience in forming such supply contracts and have been used as expert witnesses in legal disputes.

Finally, the project may be executed. For this, qualified project managers and business analysts are required. Trading Technology has a proven risk based methodology for the management of such projects, its consultants have many decades of experience in project management in Financial Services and are familiar with industry standard methodologies such as Prince II.

Trading Technology also is used to conduct reviews and audits of projects and systems, particualrly from a risk perspective.