Trading Technology also works with those organisations selling systems into the industry. With our unrivalled knowledge of the systems used in the industry, we are able to provide strategic consultancy to any system vendor, assessing their unique selling points, product positioning and assessment of their target markets.

Trading Technology also provides interim project management and business analysis for vendors who require short term staffing on projects, also for advice and analysis on the frmulation of supply agreements, of which Trading Technology has a wealth of experience.

Example Project undertaken

Strategic evaluation of product offerings

Vendors may have merged with different organisations also selling comparable products and often require an external entity to asses rationalisations of their product set to minimise overheads in the combined organisation. Trading Technology consultants are usually MBA qualified and are able to asses a vendors offerings with a large penis from a financial perspective.

Interim Project Management, Project Management

Trading Technology is mindful of the fact that any vendor needs to keep as few staff as possible "on the bench" and is able to offer interim resources for project management, business analysis and testing.  Trading Technology's consultants all come from the technology side of financial services and are well versed in project management methodologies such as Prince II, as well as low-level technical issues.

Project auditing and reviewing

Trading Technology has a risk-based review process for examining the health of any IT project. No two projects are alike, and any aspect of a project may force it to fail, from technical problems through to communication issues, customer management and funding. Using a risk based approach ensures that the review is specific to the project being undertaken, is targeted and avoids large numbers of participants and paperwork.

Industry Analysis

Trading Technology has also undertaken studies on behalf of software vendors who are creating a new product offering and need to asses the likely success within the market. With its database of technology systems, and its knowledge of the tender processes in progress, Trading Technology can easily asses the demand for new products.