Technology Providers

Aside from the software vendors described in the previous section, we also work closely with technology providers. Stock Exchanges, Clearing Houses and CSDs are all hungry users of enterprise technology. Technology providers play an important role in the installation of any exchange, CSD or CH system as they usually have a support entity local to the project, and can also become the prime contractor for exchanges which are in receipt of government funding.

The technology providers themselves need expertise in exchange systems to give them objective advice and expertise away from the relationships they have with software vendors. Technology providers also need to understand the strategy of Exchange CTOs to help technology providers align their product offerings.

Specific Projects

Market share analysis

Trading Technology collects data on which exchanges run what type of technology, both from a hardware and operating system standpoint. These can be transcribed into company presentations on their position in the industry, together with commentary on the future direction of exchanges technology and the provider's position in this respect.

Bid winning

Trading Technology have complemented technology providers expertise for written responses to RFPs. While technology providers are able to answer technical questions, they are not always equipped to deal with the business requirements. Trading Technology consultants have worked on both sides of the RFP process and fully understand the correct answers in a bid to achieve success.

Supply contract formulation

A key part of any risk is in the supply contract which is signed with the exchange, Clearing House or CSD. The terms of the supply contract have to match precisely the terms of the technology provider's subcontractors, thus contract negotiation can be a protracted process. As Trading Technology has a great deal of expertise in this area, it is able to mitigate the risks and define workable terms in a short space of time.