Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trading Technology the same as Trading Technologies?

No - Trading Technologies is a US-based solution provider for derivatives exchanges, see Apologies for the confusion, but we thought of the name first!

What solutions do you sell?

Trading Technology is a consultancy, and thus does not “sell” any solution. We believe in remaining objective when advising clients, although we do of course work equally for those on the buy side and sell side of the industry.

How many people really work for Trading Technology?

We have a core of about 10 consultants and a much wider reach of associates who are specialists in their fields. We thus like to ensure that clients get real experience from those who have held senior positions in the industry rather than a recruited graduate. We also work through partner consultancies in the US and the Far East widening our global reach.

Are we looking for partners?

We are always interested in hearing from any consultancies or solution providers in the industry, but they need to specialise in Trading and Settlement solutions.

Are Trading Technology recruiting at the moment?

If we have a particular requirement, we advertise on
We suggest that candidates look there for work rather than send in their CVs to our information e-mail address. If you are a consultant in Trading or Settlement solutions, and wish to work as a subcontractor, we shall be pleased to hear from you.